Summer countryside vista Summer countryside vista
Photography by Adrian Lausch
Photography by Adrian Lausch
About Me
I have been doing photography of some sort or another since I was 11 years old. While it has never been my main profession, there is hardly a month in my life where I do not go on bigger photography-based adventures. Some of the results from that are exhibited on this website.
My favourite styles are macro, panoramic and nature photography. I provide some examples on this home-page, but you are welcome to view the dedicated sections (via the links above or the buttons in the text boxes below) for more.
If you are interested in my approach, or the technical details, please visit my approach.
When I don't do photography, I develop a CMS with my partner at
Pretty moss
Macro Photography
This is a picture taken with a 100mm f2.8 Canon macro lens and a Pentax K-5, when I still lived in a flatshare in Islington. This is simply some moss growing on the wall of my balcony.
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Panoramic Photography
I have always loved panoramas, for the amount of information one can put into a single image this way.
There is also a technique called the Brenizer technique, that allows for some pretty impressively wide images with true depth of field (no algorithmic shenanigans), which I apply a lot.
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Horse in New Forest
Nature Photography
Admittedly, most of my panoramas are of nature as well, so there is some overlap here. But let's just say that when I say nature, that's probably more about animals.
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If you like what you see on this page and would like to have a chat about hiring me for a project, please get in touch below.
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Hazy mountains landscape Hazy mountains landscape
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